“Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird; that’s easy. What’s hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”
— Charles Mingus

Consultancy Services

In addition to our core programmes: WOVEN and Innate - we also offer consultancy services in specific areas.

  • We have been in your situation - we have led teams, we have shifted culture, we have moved teams from average to high-performance.

  • We have been responsible for leading culture and OD in organisations that have won awards: Best Place to Work (JRA Awards) and Best Public Sector Organisation (Randstad Awards).

  • When it comes to teams, culture and change: we know what works, how to make it work, and how to help you develop the capacity to do this yourself.

  • We are the only NZ consultancy with certified practitioners in the Kantor Institute’s “Structural Dynamics” approach for team and individual communication.

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Systems Thinking

With decades of experience in this area, having taught systems thinking workshops, and worked alongside globally acknowledged leaders in the field, Hamish runs 2-3 days workshops on systems thinking fundamentals, system design, the famous MIT 'beer game', and how to intrduce and apply systems thinking in organisations.

These workshops cover mental models, behavioural systems, archetype systems, unpacking systems issues, decision making, intervention points, team-systems, and behaviour-over-time patterns.

Hamish is one of the few people outside the USA formally certified by one of the co-designers (Mike Goodman) of the MIT systems simulation known as the 'beer game'. As far as we know, he's the only certified person in Asia Pacific.

Organisation Design & Development

With over 30 years experience in the organisation design and development domain, we are happy to assist on discrete projects, or in supporting and coaching OD teams.

We have extensive experience in organisational vision creation, strategy development, facilitation of team workshops, developing team strategy, creating people strategies, designing and implementing organisational change, personal resilience and wellbeing, supporting people through change, building strategic thinking skills, through to restructures and designing organisational structures and functions.

Scenario Thinking & Strategy Development

Hamish has been fortunate to learn from the developers of scenario thinking: including Peter Schwartz and Jay Ogilvy at GBN, attending a number of their advanced scenario development programmes in San Francisco. Since then, he has developed scenarios for a wide range of NZ organisations in the justice, energy, finance, health and conservation sectors. This is an area that he loves working in, so please get in touch if you are considering developing scenarios or just want to find out more about where to start.

We help executives develop pragmatic and achieveable strategies for their organisation, and help detail the 'how' as well as the 'what'.


Introductory Strengths Workshops

We offer 2 exploratory workshops:


A half-day workshop that introduces participants to how positive psychology and strengths-based thinking can make significant differences to team engagement, wellbeing, performance reviews and how the team performs.


A 1-2 day workshop that covers fundamentals of strengths-based practice, philosophy, application and benefits in the workplace, the individual strengths of the participants, and where these can be used to greater effect in the team environment. 

Additional topics include: interview techniques, meeting facilitation, annual review discussions and leader's 1:1 coaching discussions with staff.

Participants have an opportunity to understand the power of strengths-based practice through an engaging, interactive and evidence-based workshop.


Many organisations talk about their desire to 'shift' their culture, or 'change' their culture - however this is typically much easier said than done. Culture is what you “do” not what you talk about, and its a process not a ‘thing’.

Everyone owns the culture, yet few understand how to shift it. We work with senior managers to understand what they are trying to achieve and develop a picture of what the 'desired culture' is, and then work to engage the whole organisation to test this, run small experiments to shift towards it and make it concrete.

By doing this, the whole organisation owns the end-state and is much more engaged in developing plans, and leading the work needed to get there. 

WOVEN Programme Introduction

For some, the idea of embarking on a 9-month development programme can be daunting.

For interested teams there is a 2 day preparatory workshop that outlines the programme. This workshop builds some facilitation skills, and assists teams understand the full programme, and their readiness to start. 

If the team chooses not to proceed, they will have gained insight and familiarity with strengths and the Woven approach, and completed aspects of work required in the initial phase of WOVEN, should they decide to proceed later.