We are specialists in teams. We have deep understanding and experience of what makes teams work. Our programmes have been designed after decades of being team-members, managers, leaders and working in and around team-development, high-stakes situations, behavioural psychology, systems thinking and facilitation practices.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
— R. Buckminster Fuller
Access the psychology of team-dynamics

We help create high-trust, connected and engaged teams that consistently perform at higher levels - by reconnecting the team to each other and creating an environment in which psychological safety can flourish.

Teams creates dynamics - everyone arrives in a team with a history, ways of working, and modes of thinking. We explore these dynamics to determine if they are assisting team performance, or hampering this. Holding a mirror up to team behaviour can be challenging, yet essential to shift performance.

Many current organisational issues and crisis stem from failures in team (including top-team) communication.

To achieve high-performance teams must establish a strong foundation of trust and learn how to communicate in effective ways - and this is different to just ‘being nice’.

We help teams understand why certain behaviour patterns keep recurring and how to make choices to change these patterns, and therefore change the results.

We challenge existing thinking, assumptions and everyday norms - and in doing this tap into the source of strategic advantage, change, innovation and creativity . We partner with like minded organisations to offer unique capabilities for our clients: our primary partner is CSC.

We’re the only certified, independent practitioners of Dr. David Kantor’s ‘Structural Dynamics’ in New Zealand, and the only NZ consultancy with the certification to run the MIT Systems Simulation for teams known as “the beer game”.

STRAVAIG: we’re the team for teams. Are you ready to work with us?