Innate for Exec Teams

“Learning is not a one-time event or a periodic luxury. Great leaders in great companies recognize that the ability to constantly learn, innovate, and improve is vital to their success.”
— Amy Edmondson
The team succeeds when every individual plays their part, trusts and supports each other.

The team succeeds when every individual plays their part, trusts and supports each other.

Innate for Executive Teams

For chief executives, forming an executive team as a connected, cohesive and trusting unit can be a challenge, yet is something they must tackle. The cost of not succeeding can be significant.

Innate for Executive Teams is about cohesion, trust, behaviour patterns, connection and communication - it is not about tools, quick-fixes or management fads.

Embarking on executive team-development can be challenging: 

  • Executives are used to being in charge, making decisions and knowing what to do - so stepping into a team-learning space, being in a position of 'not knowing' can be both confronting and demanding. Research indicates this is an area of weakness for executive teams - yet learning and admitting to 'not knowing' is what's needed to shift performance.

  • Often individuals have arrived at executive level by being very good at what they do, which may not always involve being tightly connected with peers. To shift performance, strong connections and psychological safety with peers is essential.

Innate for Executive Teams is not an easy programme - it challenges and stretches participants. On completion the team understands themselves and their behaviour in a 'team system'. They understand understand the patterns of behaviour they create, why, and how to shift a team-system, and they will have developed new ways of communicating and interacting that will serve as the basis for all future teamwork.

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