The Stravaig Team

The Stravaig Team

The Stravaig Team

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Full details of the range of tools, affiliations and certifications we hold is available on the About Us page.


CQSW, Dip Soc. Wk

Fiona has successfully led teams in management roles for many years in a wide range of organisations, including capability teams.

Fiona’s strengths-based practice and foundation began with ten years of community social-work as her foundation, starting in the 1980s . Fiona brings a deep grounding in both  group and team processes, extensive skills in building and developing diversity and inclusion, plus methods and practices to balance both high performance and delivery with well-being whilst also building resilience in people.

Fiona is the author of ‘Woven’, a book detailing a strengths-based approach to developing high-performing teams. Woven was recognised by the International Values In Action (VIA) Institute on Character Strengths and was one of their recommended practitioner tools listed on the VIA website for over 2 years. Feedback on Fiona’s inclusive, strengths-based facilitation style is on the WOVEN feedback section of our site.


BA Business Mgt; NZIM Mentoring certificate; Fellow: Leadership NZ; Associate Certified Coach

David brings extensive senior management experience in large operational units, and has held Group Manager, and Acting Deputy Commissioner positions over the last decade.

He has a track record of successful delivery: building and executing business strategies, leading and managing significant change programmes, and supporting teams to deliver superior results with tight time frames and limited budget.

David helped design and then lead the major IRD programme “Making a Difference” – which transformed IRD’s approach to customer service for returns management and debt collection– and subsequently won a 2016 IPANZ Award. David’s expertise lies in delivering strategic initiatives, such as designing and implementing new organisational business models, compliance strategies and organisational capability assessments. He understands how to make substantive and successful change in large organisations, and how to engage people in all aspects of this.

David has extensive coaching experience, and is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation, and also accredited with Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership. David is a Leadership New Zealand Fellow, holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Management, and NZIM Certificate in Mentoring.


Organisational Communication (Graduate Course); Market Economist (BA equivalent); Business Studies.

Originally from Denmark, Simon now bases himself in New Zealand. He is a creative strategist, who generously shares design thinking and social innovation practices. He works with teams and organisations who courageously challenge the status quo to create positive, societal change. Simon is friendly and impact-driven, assisting people with collaboration in complex challenges and often difficult circumstances.

Simon leads, facilitates, and manages teams in order to grow capability, and to achieve service and product improvements. Simon works with clients to co-design and co-deliver innovation in many forms, including through social labs, accelerators, and sprints.

His engagement is focused on non-dependent ways of working through human-centred design theory and practice, deliberately equipping people with the thinking, tools and processes that enable them to take meaningful action, whilst continuing to explore and learn.


BSc (Hons), Dip Org Psych, MA Psych, PhD Psych (in progress), Cert. Counselling Theory.

Hamish is a specialist in systems psychology, with a deep background in strategy, behaviour change, team and organisation development, structural dynamics, complexity, dialogue, organisation design and leadership.

He has worked at executive level in both the private and public sector, and was part of the executive team that oversaw the largest (successful) change project in the southern hemisphere over 2014-2017: the amalgamation of all 37 disparate New Zealand fire services into a single entity. Prior to this, he led the capability, leadership and organisation development group at DoC, and was responsible for development of organisational culture. DoC won the Randstad award for the best public-sector place to work in both 2014 and 2015, and was placed in the top-3 in 2012, 2013 and 2016.

Prior to DOC, as a partner in a specialist consulting firm, Hamish was responsible for development of their internal culture, and the company went on to win the NZ JRA ‘Best Place to Work’ award for a number of years.

His PhD involves a specialism in the area known as psychophysiology, the brain-body connection with the specific focus being on the physiological and psychological reactions to stress in team-environments. The focus of the PhD is on global‘wicked problems’ - things that impact the lives of everyone and everything on the planet. His MA thesis was on the psychology of creativity and innovation, and how to apply these disciplines to wicked problems.

Dr. Bob

BSc (EE), PhD (EE), PG Dip Antartic Studies.

Bob is a trans-disciplinary social science expert, researcher, systems thinker and internationally renowned scientist. He has worked extensively in the science sector in New Zealand and abroad. Bob has an impressive list of over 50 published academic papers, has contributed to over a dozen books, is a frequent presenter at both national and international conferences, and is a leading scenario thinker and facilitator.

A core part of Bob’s work is working with multi-disciplinary teams to help bring out their best thinking, foster collaboration and nurture the development of their most innovative ideas. This requires highly attuned skills in the area of dialogue, inquiry, facilitation and innovation - underpinning all of this is the requirement to establish a strong foundation of psychological safety quickly and effectively.

For those who have been fortunate enough to work with Bob, they know that the experience is insightful, fun, intellectually stretching, rewarding and gets results.


BA Psychology & Criminology; PGDip Psych; MA Psych (commencing 2020).

Marieta is a highly experienced group facilitator, with over 15-years of in-depth experience working with groups. In addition to her own facilitation practice, she has provided clinical practice supervision to other facilitators. Her work has involved significant aspects of behaviour change with groups, and individuals – with change happening when individuals understand what drives their behaviour. Marieta’s career has been about developing, testing and making positive change happen – she does this by focusing on creating an environment where psychological safety can flourish.  

Marieta is experienced in nurturing, developing and fostering high performance.  The team that she most recently led collaboratively, continually receives positive feedback about their open and engaging manner from clients and stakeholders.

Marieta understands team-system models and has a rich understanding of how to apply these practices, coupled with an appetite for continuous learning. She is passionate about, and has a proven record of, supporting individuals and teams to develop strong working relationships, psychological safety and supportive workplaces.