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Fearless Organisation Scan

The Fearless Organisation Scan

The Fearless Organisation Scan

Stravaig are delighted to be the New Zealand partners in bringing Professor Amy Edmondson’s psychological safety scan to New Zealand.

The Fearless Organisation Scan

Based on over 30-years of research, Professor Edmondson has developed a simple 7-question survey that accurately measures levels of psychological safety. This survey has been extensively tested and bench-marked, and translated into many languages.

This has been developed into an organisational scan that can be deployed in teams, functional groups and organisations. The scan now allows leaders and their teams to accurately assess their levels of psychological safety, and then to work out what’s needed to improve this.

In addition to being able to use this in a team, the Fearless Organisation Scan can be re-run as often as you want, and allows multiple "contexts" to be assessed. This means that project groups, training cohorts, and cross-organisation teams can have their levels of psychological safety assessed, and then strengthened.

Stravaig offers

  • One-off “team health checks” using the Fearless Organisation Scan

  • Team diagnostics and development to build psychological safety

  • Training & development workshops for leaders

  • In-depth team development work to help teams shift into high-performance.

  • Co-design approaches to embed psychological safety into your own programmes and practices.

For more information:

  • Contact us using the contact page, or email us.

  • Download our fact-sheet,

  • Request a copy of our whitepaper (using the form below). Our whitepaper explains the benefits of psychological safety, across a wide range of areas.

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